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SAP presents Showraces in the afternoon

07/18/2016 13:42:00

Close to the audience are the SAP Trave Races. There will again be a small time frame for show races on the narrow race course on the river Trave in the afternoon. Spectacular boat classes will be presenting themselves here.

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Emotional highlight and party zone

07/17/2016 13:59:00

It is a fixed part of the program already: the emotional highlight of the Travemuender Woche with the fireworks at the final day of the event on Sunday, 31. July around 10:45pm. The music will be played synchronously. The colourful shower of sparks can be watched from the esplanade or the beach - and there might even be people moved to tears when watching it.

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National decisions for Laser youth and masters, J22 and Musto Skiff

07/17/2016 13:21:00

It is almost a good tradition to have the German Junior Championship of the Laser classes at the Travemuender Woche. The junior classes of the Olympic Laser will be coming to the Luebeck bay for the third time in a row.

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Media tent, showraces and street artists

07/16/2016 13:55:00

Next to the regatta station of the Luebeck YC, there is the traditional media tent of the TW media partners Luebecker Nachrichten and the Norddeutscher Rundfunk. The media world of newspaper, radio and TV is presenting itself in a new layout this year.

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RS Aero, RS 100, RS 400 and Splash Red sailing for the european title

07/16/2016 13:15:00

RS 100, RS 400, RS Aeor and Splash Red round off the Championship program of Travemünder Woche with the decisions taken at European level.

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Sailors' Village: meeting point for athletes and guests

07/15/2016 13:52:00

Coming from the West on the Travepromenade, the visitors of the Travemuender Woche will be getting to one of sailing focus points of the regatta week. On the Tornadowiese (a greenfield next to the waterfront), the boats of the Splash class will be placed - and around them displays of arts and craftwork. Next to it comes the Sailors' Village, located between the rescue shed and the club house of the hosting Luebeck YC.

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Three worlds during Travemünder Woche

07/15/2016 13:10:00

RS500 and Splash Blue are sailing their world championships during the Travemünde Week. And the RS200 are fighting for the Gold Cup. Splash Blue will be one of the biggest fleets during the week with around 90 participants.

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A wide spectrum of possibilities

07/14/2016 13:48:00

Culinary delights, extremely exciting sailing competitions in view, a concert on the schedule and a beach party with laser show in the late evening. Everything is possible at the Travemuender Woche. Ways are short, the program is packed. In the last week of July, Luebeck's gem at the Baltic offers the full spectrum of possibilities.

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Regatta festival with all aspects of sailing

07/14/2016 13:05:00

The sailing summer in Travemuende will be hot. During the most beautiful time of the holiday season, the 127. edition of the Travemuender Woche (22. until 31. July) will be presenting a real festival of championships with three title matches on global, four on European and six on German level.

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US boy Doyle grabs his first WM title in the J/22 class

07/26/2015 08:20:00

The world championship decider of the J/22 class was the focus of the eighth day of sailing at the 126th Travemuender Woche. And the crews of the sporty keelboat class apparently knew what they owed the spectators watching the live broadcast in the SAP Sail Cube. They delivered a spectacular final, resulting in celebrations for the Americans at the end. Christopher Doyle snatched the almost certain title from the Dutch team of Jean-Michel Lautier in the last race of the J/22 Marinepool Worlds. And the bronze medal was snatched away from Martin Menzner from Kiel by Reiner Brockerhoff from Duisburg. In addition to the J/22 class, eight other individual classes as well as the yachts took to the course. Although the Laser II and the D-One classes still have another day ahead of them in their world championships, Nick Craig from the UK fetched the title of the D-One early. And Lisa Buddemeier/Matthias Düwel from Hamburg have laid the foundations for a highly probable world championship victory in the Laser II class.

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