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Sailing Arena Trave

The Lübecker Yacht-Club offers an outstanding sailing venue for media and spectators –
the spectaculous SAILING ARENA TRAVE – directly in the mouth of River Trave!
During the annual Travemünde Sailing Week the LYC Team will present racing periods of 45 to 60 minutes in a special format to high performance classes like Catamarans or Skiffs starting at about 1700 hours daily after official racing in Lübeck Bay during the day.

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Races of about 10 to 15 minutes – always short, sharp and punchy!
easy to understand for spectators and with a great achievement to bring spectaculous sailing manouvers to all kinds of media – broadcasted by commentators and PA-system.

SAP Trave Races 2016 Schedule:

Saturday, 23rd July: Contender
Sunday, 24th July: Dyas
Monday, 25th July: 1. und 2. Segel-Bundesliga
Tuesday, 26th July: RS500
Wednesday, 27th July: RS400
Thursday, 28th July: J/22
Friday, 29th July: Splash Blue
Saturday, 30th July: Formula 18

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