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Laser girls beat the boys

07/28/2016 10:19:00

Hannah Anderssohn won the Laser Radial. picture:

While the political prominence has been fighting to win the six litre bottle of Rotsporn at the fifth regatta day of the Travemuender Woche, the sailors on the race courses out in the bay of Luebeck have been competing against each other to win a title and gain important points at the championships. The Laser youth were in the focus of the races on Wednesday, since they have been sailing their final of the International German Youth Championship. And the young women did beat the male competitors. Hannah Anderssohn from Kiel did win the title in the Laser Radial, Julia Buesselerg (Berlin) did triumph in the Laser 4.7. The sailors of the RS and Splash classes did pick up in their championship program and sailed between three and four races.

Laser Radial International German Youth Championship (IGYC)

On the way to the Youth European Championship of the Laser Radial in the following week in Tallin/Estonia, Hannah Anderssohn is already well on track. The girl from Warnemuende, who moved into the boarding school in Schilksee one year ago, proves - by winning the German Youth Championship - to be well prepared for the continental title races on the Olympic sailing territory from 1980.  And yet the 16-year old had to recover from a long-lasting hand injury and could not start at the Kiel Week and the Warnemuender Woche. The cast was gone in Travemuende and Hannah Anderssohn was released from all her burdens after a first mediocre day. With four victories in a row, she was already set as the new champion before the last race and could take an eleventh position in the end.  She still was by 24 points in the lead in front of Leonhard Harnisch (Detmold/Germany), who did beat Paul Bothe (Loose/Germany) by a very small margin.
„Everything was perfect. But the wind today was very shifty and difficult. The Travemuender Woche was the right warm-up for me for the Europeans in Tallin. There I also want to be at the top of the fleet", said the young successful athlete, who did bring home the only German medal at the sailing competitions of the youth last winter according to the Olympic model by becoming second.
The separate ranking for the U17 sailors at the International German Youth Championship was won by Laura Schewe from Kiel. Hannah Andersson is not listed in this ranking, because she will be 17 this year.

Laser 4.7 International German Youth Championship (IGYC)

In the 4.7, also the favourite sailor did win. In the previous year, Julia Buesselberg from Berlin has made here way up to the top of this class in Germany, did sail onto rank three at the IGYC 2015 and succeeded in being even better by winning this time, followed by Julian Hoffmann (Blaichach/Germany)  and Jaard Paulsen (Kiel/Germany). The series of the 16-year old, who already announced her ambitions to win the title at the Kiel Week, was impressive. With four victories, two second places and one third place, she was always in the picture in the difficult winds of the previous days. Nevertheless she had strong competitors with Julian Hoffmann, who is coming from the SCAI in the Algaeu region like Philipp Buhl, on whom Germany's Olympic hopes are pinned. In the end, it was only a difference of five points between the two sailors. But Hoffmann could take some comfort in winning the U16 ranking. "It was an exhausting competition. After two days, Julian and I were on the same level, so today nothing was decided yet. But everything went well, I did manage to get the gusts and shifts right", explained Julia Buesselberg. With the offshore wind she almost felt at home as a sailor from an inland lake.
The German top sailor is now travelling directly to the Youth World Championship, which is already starting on the weekend in Kiel. "My objective are the top 5 or top 3. And I also have ambitions for the title. Many participants of the Worlds have already been at the Kiel Week to get used to the sailing territory. And it went well there. “

Laser Standard

The Laser Standard sailors already had their second day on Wednesday at the Travemuender Woche, but did not sail their first races until today. And this on a very large scale. After four races of their ranking regatta, Gerald Williams, who is sailing for Hongkong is leading the fleet, followed by Philipp Roitsch and Eric Malach (both from Hamburg/Germany).

RS 500 Worlds

In the RS 500 class the Swedish sailors Martin and Axel Johansson are staying at the top of the fleet, but they are leading in front of the sailors from the Netherlands Pim and Lisa van Vogt only by a very small margin. Christian Brandt (Hamburg/Germany), who is the best German on rank 18 with crew Thomas Stepan, showed his respect for the performance of the Swedish sailors: "The Swedish are really fast and hardly make any mistakes." He himself did make a major mistake with an early start: „That was my own stupidity.  But it never happened to me before, now I am done with that experience." The German duo also had some top results: "Once we have been the first boat at the windward mark, that was very refreshing. It was clear to us that we could not hold that.  But rank four was really great. You are only at the top of the fleet, if you had a good start.“

RS 200 Gold Cup

The slightly smaller RS 200 is sailing its unofficial World Championship with the Gold Cup. And this is indeed an all British event. At the top of the 13 teams are Josh Metcalfe/Mille Alcock with five races and four victories.

RS 100 Europeans

The RS 100 are a small but nice fleet - more international than the RS 200, but nevertheless dominated by the British at the top.  After six races Mark Harrison is leading the top three from the island.

RS 400 Europeans

The gennaker boats RS 400 are also lacking international competitors. With only one team from the Netherlands, the European Championship seems more a national title fight of the British sailors. Steve Restall/Chris Stubbs are currently in the leading position.

RS Aero Europeans

But the RS Aero do have a real international championship.  Participants from nine nations are at the start line, and the sales figures also show, that the young class has spread far across the borders of the British origin. 1200 boats have been built in two years and sold into 45 countries. The strongest nations are the USA, Australia and Germany. But at the top of the fleet at the Europeans are mainly the Baltic and Russian sailors. "They are strong Laser sailors, who are also flirting with the idea of the Olympic games", said Christian Brandt, RS class dealer in Germany. The Russian Dmitry Tretyakov is keeping his position at the top of the Aero 7 fleet, although he has withdrawn the protest in the first race later. First pursuers are Kristo Ounap (Estonia) und Simonas Jersovas (Lithuania). Best German among the 36 starters is Marcus Walther (Langen) on rank eleven. Archie Hainsworth is leading the Aero 5 fleet, and the Aero 9 is dominated by Richard Watsham (both from Great Britain).

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