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Frustration and joy about the Worlds decision in the Splash Blue

07/31/2016 08:20:00

Martin Menzner, Frank Lichte and Christian Drews did sail to win the title of the German Open in the J/22.

There was tension in the air on the second last day of the Travemuender Woche: Heavy rain fronts did come down on the bay of Luebeck, the Worlds title races in the Splash Blue class was decided in favour of the Dutch Sam Peeks, after the jury had to take tough action on the water. And the departure of several sailors in the middle of the festival was a bit nerve-racking. Next to Peeks, the Swiss Matthias Meier could celebrate his victory in the Splash Red and the crew of Martin Menzner (Stein/Germany) did win the title in the German Open of the J/22.
Weather with sunshine and heavy rain, with changing winds with some heavy gusts with rain did shake all parties on the water. Sailors, the teams of the race committee, but also the photographers on the dinghies had to weather quite a lot not to be completely frozen when coming back ashore. The sailors of the Laser Master Championship did keep warm by doing some push-ups on their boats to stay fit for the tough sailing program. On the offshore course, there was even a broken mast.

Splash Blue Worlds
The Czech Michal Kostyoe was more than unhappy after the second day of the final races. He had confidently managed the first round of the first day of the World Championship. And even on Friday, he had been leading the fleet of 86 participants - mainly from the Netherlands. But then the series of successes was over for the 15-year old. Rank 27 for the start on Saturday did push him back on rank two overall. In the final race it hit him even harder. The referees on the water did show him the second yellow flag, so he had to abandon the race, but could keep rank three due his good performance.  "I have been sailing the Splash for one year, have been at the Worlds in the previous year and did finish on rank nine there. This year I wanted to sail as good as possible. The third place is good. But I am a little bit sad, because the jury made the decision for the Worlds", said the Czech sailors, who has not more than ten competitors in the Splash class in his home country. The situation in the Netherlands is completely different. "The Splash are the most popular youth class next to the Optimist", explained the 18-year old Sam Peeks. He was happy having stepped up onto the highest position on the podium on the last day. "Winning the title was the goal. It has been a great week with different conditions - first light, then stronger winds." He himself did handle all winds well and did beat the compatriot Barte van der Zijden.  The young sailor from the Netherlands did add another title to his record of successes of the previous week. He came from the lake Wolfgangsee in Austria directly to Travemuende. There he had been sailing with his team at the Yngling Worlds and finished on rank three, also winning the title as Youth World Champion.
Splash Red Euro Cup
Matthias Meier was still on his track of success on the last day of the Euro Cup of the Splash Red with the big sail.  The Swiss sailor did stand up to the pressure from the Netherlands and kept the pursuers Julia Aartsen and Kaj Moorman under control. After six victories in twelve races, he was the clear title winner.  The best German participant was Daniel Kipp on rank five.

J/22 German Open
Christian Drews (Kiel), owner of the J/22 "Jabulani", had donated the new challenge trophy for the German Open of the J/22 a while ago.  Now he could take it himself. Together with his helmsman Martin Menzner and Frank Lichte he has had an impressive series with first and second positions and clearly dominated the crew of Reiner Brockerhoff (Duisburg), who had to take rank two.  The crew from Luebeck around Svend Hartog did win the bronze medal. In the previous year, Menzner and crew had to give away the bronze medal to Brockerhoff at the Worlds in Luebeck. This time they took the better end. "Before the German Open, we had just trained one day, and the first day, I had some problems with the lay lines. But after that it improved. And we did get a new main sail after the Worlds in the previous year. That worked much better", explained Menzner.

Musto Skiffs German Open
Iver Ahlmann (Buedelsdorf) did start as the title defender of the German Open in the Musto Skiff.  After nine races he had to realise that the the Vice Champion from 2015, Frithjof Schwerdt (Potsdam), is in the superior position.  „Frithjof is sailing an impressive series with good speed, is the best wind finder and hardly makes any mistakes. As he says himself, he offers the chances a big target", said Ahlmann, who is currently on rank five and might be hoping for a medal on the final race day tomorrow. However his focus is more on the family at the moment. Two weeks ago he became father for the second time. Since the mother and son August are doing well, he had decided at the last moment to start in Travemuende. That the European Champion from 2013 will win the title, is pretty obvious. But the reigning World Champion Andi Lachenschmid (Augsburg) did not pick up speed yet. With the pressure of high expectations on the shoulders, he has to take rank ten.

Laser Standard/Radial Masters
The German Master Championships of the Lasers are presenting an international class reunion. Not just for the German Seniors, but also the colleagues from other European countries are taking the chance to sail a regatta on a sea territory.  In the overal ranking of the Standards, the German sailor Roger Schulz (Uerdingen) is leading, followed by the Danish Christian Gunni and Hannes Hollander from Hamburg (Germany) with the same point score. In the Laser Radial, the best German sailor is Jan Lietzmann from Hamburg, but in the chasing position on rank four. However the difference to the leading international team is only small. For the final race day on Sunday, Kim Tan from the Netherlands will try to defend the top position against Max Hunt (Great Britain) und Micael Lundgren (Sweden).

Formula 18
The change in the leading position of the Formula 18 catamarans is taking shape. The young sailors from Flensburg Finn Heeg/Merle Baars could not continue their superiors series of the first day in that way, but nevertheless sailed the most consistent series among the 23 crews and could increase their lead to the Travemuender Woche record winners Helge and Christian Sach (Zamekau) to 8 points. Thus the 21. victory of the Sach brothers is moving further into the distance.

Offshore race course up and down
After a rest week, the offshore-going yachts in Travemuende did return, and they had to prove their seaworthiness already in the short races. With 10 to 18 knots average, the wind could be handled without problems, but some gusts with rain showers did let the wind get up to 35 knots. The trimaran "bodenaturkost" got hit in the second race. The mast did break on the upwind. "We cannot really tell, what exactly happened. In any case, the trimaran of course had to get directly to the harbour", explained race director Uwe Wenzel, who managed three races for the yachts. The attempt of a fourth race failed due to the dropping wind. And even in the third race, it meant creativity and shifting the course by 80 degrees to finish the race properly. At a collision of two races, the two yachts "Jacaranda" and "Tsunami" got caught. The fleet did not return to the harbour until late in the evening.

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