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Early victory celebrations at the 127. Travemuender Woche

07/31/2016 18:47:00

Frithjof Schwerdt was the best wind finder in the Musto Skiffs and confidently sailed to win the German Open (image above).

Last year it has been the storm, this year it was the calm air - the result has been the same: There were no further races on the final day of the Travemuender Woche. But the race committee, who had hoped for sailable winds until midday, were well prepared from the previous days to be able to crown the winners and champions after fair regattas.  The overall rankings of the Laser in the Master championships was won by Roger Schulz (Krefeld/Germany) in the Standard and Kim Tan from the Netherlands in the Radial. In the internationally high-class fleet of the Musto Skiffs, Frithjof Schwerdt, who just moved to Munich (Germany), did bring home the German Open title. The regattas of the Formula 18 catamarans and the seagoing yachts did also come to an early end.

Laser Standard/Radial Masters
By setting the signal flags, that there would be no further races, Roger Schulz (Krefeld/Germany) did hurry to de-rigg and load his Laser to be ready for the prize giving ceremony. Accordingly out of breath he said: "I am absolutely satisfied, that they had cancelled the races today. I could have only lost. My Danish competitor Christian Gunni had the same point score than me." But it had been a pity, that there had not been another race on Saturday. "But the storm front did interfere.“
Schulz did successfully defend his title from the previous year.  "That had been my goal. However, Gunni had been the favourite. Therefore I am really happy. Altogether it had been stress free sailing, and we all had our fun." After Schulz and Gunni, Hannes Hollaender from Hamburg (Germany) did finish on rank three in the overall ranking of the Standards. Hollaender could be happy about the victory in the age group of the apprentices.  Schulz was the winner in the Master class and Wolfgang Gerz (Woerthsee/Germany) as well as Michael Nissen (Tutzing/Germany) did bring home the winner's trophy in the Grand Masters and Great Grand Masters.
The overall winner and Grand Master winner in the Radial is Kim Tan from the Netherlands, who did dominate the international fleet and could beat the British sailor Max Hunt and Micael Lindgren (Sweden), who were close on his heels. Jan Lietzmann from Hamburg (Germany), who was on rank four overall, could at least be happy about winning the age group ranking of the Masters. Dietrich Schilling (Hamburg/Germany) did become Great Grand Master and the women's ranking was won by Alexandra Weihrauch (Hamburg/Germany).

Musto Skiff German Open
Although only two of the four days of the championship did offer enough wind, the Musto Skiffs did manage to sail nine races, where Frithjof Schwerdt did confidently dominate the fleet. "The winds were nice and shifting.  We had to work a lot and concentrate on the tactics. That suits me", said Schwerdt. "I am very satisfied. We had a great fleet with strong international competitors - much different from the previous year", stated Schwerdt, who had to take rank two in the German Open of the previous year. Title defender Iver Ahlmann (Buedelsdorf/Germany) was the second best German on rank five. The international guests Paul Dijkstra (the Netherlands), Alexander Greil (Switzerland) and Alastair Conn (Great Britain) did finish on the ranks two to four. In the field of the beaten sailors, there was also the reigning World Champion Andi Lachenschmid from Augsburg (Germany), who only finished on rank ten among the 30 skiff sailors.

 After Finn Heeg and Merle Baars (Flensburg) had been sailing two days on the highest level, they have fulfilled their dream to beat the German showcase catamaran sailors Helge and Christian Sach (Zarnekau/Germany).  At the Kiel Week, the record Travemuender Woche winners did still keep the emerging mixed crew from Flensburg under control on rank two, but this time Heeg/Baars turned the tables. "It was very exciting, but we knew, that we are fast in these conditions. But we did not sail many races at this year's Travemuender Woche. We would have liked to sail a bit more", said Finn Heeg. On the further regatta schedule for this year, the highlight will be the German Open at Lake Garda at the end of August. And next year the winners of the Travemuender Woche want to sail as much to the top as possible at the World Championship in Denmark. Helge and Christian Sach also have the Worlds in their focus. But they are randomly seen on the Formula 18 catamaran anymore and thus have less sailing hours on this sporty boat than their younger competitors.

Offshore race course up and down
The seagoing yachts only had a short program with the short races this year. Taking the weather forecast into account, race director Uwe Wenzel had tried to sail four races on Saturday, but the fourth race had to be cancelled due to lacking wind. Thus the winner was decided upon three of the five planned races.
At the top of the sports oriented ORC classes in the end was the six-time German Champion and former World Champion Juergen Klinghardt (Luebeck/Germany) with helmsman Juergen Waschek. However he was sailing with an unusual boat. He had brought home the winning yacht "Bachyachting" from the Worlds in Copenhagen. "We had chartered the boat to give it a try. The deal had already been signed before the Worlds", said Klinghardt. You can pretty much sign the experiment as "successful".  Although the Klinghardt crew had to do a 360 after crossing the finish line in one of the races,  they were on the positions 2, 1, 2 and thus leading the fleet of the 16 ORC yachts.  "We did find each other as crew on Friday and prepared the boat, then sailed a few manoeuvres on Saturday before the races. But there were experienced sailors on board, who all knew their job. “
The yardstick ranking for all classes was won by Dirk Meiburg from Luebeck (Germany), who was continuously improving the results with his crew on his yacht "Feinschliff" from rank 3 to 2 to 1 and in the end did beat the "Na und" with Stefan Meining (also from Luebeck) by one point.

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