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Consistent performance as the key to success

07/23/2016 21:20:00

Sunny, warm - light winds, sometimes a bit of thermal wind: This is the way, the first race day at the Travemuender Woche 2016 did present itself. Almost perfect conditions for the overall race director Brian Schweder and his crew on the four race courses, who sent out today the offshore yachts as well as the junior Laser sailors for their International German Youth Championship and the Finns, Contenders and Trias for the ranking regattas.

Laser Radial:
Consistent performance in inconsistent winds was they key to success on the Laser Radial. While the day started off in a good breeze with thermal winds on the race course at the coastline from Mecklenburg, the wind dropped later on for the second race and made the race tricky with difficult swell. Paul Bothe (Guestrow/Germany) did succeed in ending up in the top ten in both races and thus making him the current leader of the fleet. Laura Bo Voss is just short behind him, and was surprised about herself finishing in sixth position two times. "I had been sick the previous days, so I had no high expectations. It was the first day today, I felt better, but would have never imagined that it would go that well", said the sailor, who just finished school and is still living in the boarding school in Kiel until the end of the month, before she will start her studies in Kiel. For her, the good performance is due to a clear success concept: "Start well and then go for speed." For her the International German Youth Championship (IGYC) is the preparation for the U21 Worlds next month in Kiel. After two races she is on rank two overall, followed by Tim Conradi (Duesseldorf).

Laser 4.7:
The professed favourite Julia Buesselberg is at the top of the Laser 4.7 ranking. The sailor from Berlin did finish the IGYC on rank three last year and definitely is fighting for the title, already reinforcing her high ambitions by finishing first in both races. Julian Hoffmann (Immenstadt/Germany) and Elias Boettger (Potsdam/Germany) are following on the next ranks. With Jaard Paulsen (Kiel) a sailor form the North of Germany did make his way up the ranking onto place four. His coach Max Kohlhoff was very satisfied: "The second race was everything else but easy, so the results 2 and 14 are very good. “
The Youth Championship is also in the focus for the Minister of the Interior and Sports of Schleswig-Holstein, Stefan Studt: "The work with the new generation of sailors cannot be rated high enough for the future of the sport and the whole development of the country. Thus the sports is also a major part of the development of our federal state of Schleswig-Holstein 2030. I am also very happy that the German Youth Championship event of all official youth classes has been handed over to the Travemuender Woche for the next year. This is a particular acknowledgement, since this event only takes place every fourth year. “

Finn Dinghy:
The experienced sailor Uli Breuer (Simmerath/Germany) in the Olympic Finn Dinghy is sailing with the same confidence as the young sailor Julia Buesselberg in the Laser 4.7. The 50-year old sailor is leading the class of the athletic sailors with two victories, followed by Martin Hofmann (Hemer/Germany) and Jan-Dietmar Dellas from Oldenburg (Germany).

The one man skiffs Contender did even sail three races on the first day. And Max Billerbeck from Kollmar (Germany) did cross the finish line on rank one three times. The Vice European Champion from 2014 has the competitors from Germany and Denmark well under control. Even the Danish top sailor Jesper Nielsen, who did win the SAP Trave Race in the evening, did have no chances against him.  "I like the light winds, I had a good boat speed and managed to find the wind patches well", analysed Billerbeck. For the Vice European Champion from 2014, the highlight of the season will be the Europeans in the South of England. "Let's see, how the wind is then. If it is light, the chances are good for a good placement. In stronger winds I am happy to end up in the top ten due to my low body weight. “

On the offshore race course, it was not an easy game to lay out a proper race course due to the light winds.  So the sailors of the medium distance race did start around two hours later than planned and thus did sail until the evening. "We had to wait for stable winds", said the race director of the offshore race course, Uwe Wenzel.
The Trias, who also did start on the race course far out in the bay of Luebeck, managed to sail two races. Ulrich Schmidt from Koeln, who is currently on rank three with helmsman Josef Assheuer, did send a short thank you to the organisers. There are two sailors on rank one overall, both having finished first and second - Mathias Strang (Mühlheim/Germany) and the Swiss Ricardo Fattorini.



IDJM Laser 4.7 (two races)
1. Julia Büsselberg (Berlin) 2, 2. Julian Hoffmann (Blaiach) 5, 3. Elias Böttger (Berlin) 12, 4. Jaard Paulsen (Dänischenhagen) 16, 5. Justin Barth (Berlin) 19, 6. Susann Elsner (Berlin) 22.

IDJM Laser Radial (two races)
1. Paul Bothe (Loose) 10, 2. Laura Bo Voss (Escheburg) 12, 3. Tim Conradi (Düsseldorf) 14, 4. Hannah Anderssohn (Rostock) 18, 5. Karoline Rummel (Roggensdorf) 21, 6. Benno Marstaller (Prien am Chiemsee) 25

Contender (three races)
1. Max Billerbeck (Kollmar) 3, 2. Markus Maisenbacher (Verden) 8, 3. David Schafft (Dannau) 10, 4. Christian Krupp (Hamburg) 10, 5. Michael Koch (Berlin) 18, 6. Dirk Müller (Bremen) 19

Finn (two races)
1. Uli Breuer (Simmerath) 2, 2. Martin Hofmann 5 (Herner), 3. Jan-Dietmar Dellas (Oldenburg) 8, 4. Dirk Meid (Mayen) 11, 5. Rainer Haacks (Dortmund) 15, 6. Kai-Uwe Göldenitz (Stadland) 16

Trias (two races)
1. Mathias Strang / Lukas Brüning, Nina Strang (Mülheim) 3, 2. Ricardo Fattorini / Reto Fattorini, Sven Ulrich 3 (Thun), 3. Dr. Josef Assheuer / Luis Zeller, Ulrich Schmidt (Köln) 6, 4. Paul Bischoff / Peter Bischoff, Stefan Heider (Überlingen) 8, 5. Hans-Wolf Holland / Detlef Erntner, Felix Hummel (Walluf) 10, 6. Mike Lissok / Emil Löwe, N N (Berlin) 12

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