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Breuer claims victory in tricky winds

07/27/2016 07:50:00

Josh Metcalfe/Mille Alcock are in the lead of RS200 class.

Duels on the water are the particular highlight of the Travemuender Woche - and very welcome for athletes, organisers and spectators. But duels of wind systems are the enemy of the sailing sport. And this fight did mess up the sailors's program on Tuesday. Too much sun and heat ashore were the problem. Because the predominant West wind was suppressed by the thermal Easterly breeze.  So the major task for the overall race director Brian Schweder and his teams was to search for wind fields on the race courses, that would be consistent enough to start a race. They did find them, but only to a limited extent and mainly very late. The best conditions could be found on the SAP Media Race Course close to the shore. So the Finns, RS 200, and RS 500 did sail there. For the Finns, it was the golden finish of the races at Travemuende. Also for the Dyas, Trias and Kielzugvogel, the overall winner was found - but without sailing any further races.

Finn Dinghy
The last two races of the Olympic Finn class did once more call for tactical skills of the 31 sailors. But this did scarcely change the dominant position of Uli Breuer (Aachen/Germany). Finishing a race in second position, a minor flaw was showing on the 50-year old sailor's immaculate record, but Breuer could discard this result und thus did bring five victories into the ranking.  "I liked the tricky conditions. I am coming from the river dam and there you learn how to deal with it." Breuer, who was on rank 12 at the Senior World Championship, is keeping the Travemuender Woche in good memory.  "Everything is a bit more relaxed here than at the Kiel Week, that's why many Finn sailors enjoy coming here." The pursuer Martin Hofmann (Hemer/Germany) did defend his rank two, although he had a considerable discard with a rank 15. Dirk Meid (Mayen/Germany) was the third person on the podium.

The Travemuender Woche has been a fixed venue in the summer for Manfred Braendle (Duisburg/Germany) for more than four decades.  And he did win already 15 times in different classes according to his own statement. Now he added another overall victory to this record in the "Kielzugvogel" with his crew Frank Lieflaender. That there have been only three races on three race days did not diminish his joy over the success. The victory of the sailor from Duisburg was clear - with three first places:  "Every victory is great. And the race committee on the water did do everything they could. The race courses were very well laid out. Noone can be blamed for the wind." But he did not like the restrictions ashore due to the construction site at the Priwall.  Herbert Kujan/Christian Huber as well as Juergen Reichardt followed on the further ranks.

The keel boats Trias sailed with three crew did show up with a small fleet at the start line. Mathias Strang/Lukas Bruening/Nina Strang had their nose ahead of the fleet almost all the time. After finishing second in the first race, they only finished first afterwards, four times. "We did make mistakes in the first race, and we had to pay for it", said helmsman Mathias Strang (Munich/Germany). "After that it went smooth." Despite the advanced age of the sailors in the class, the Trias are aiming to bring more sailors to the start line in the future. The Travemuender Woche promoted this objective again this year. Three great races on Sunday have already been a compensation in advance for the following days of calm air, stated Strang, who did win the trophy, leaving the Swiss Ricardo Fattorini and Josef Assheuer (Koeln/Germany) behind.

But the wind was not in favour of the Dyas this year.  The keel boat sailed by two crew could only sail two races in three race days. Finishing first two times, Michael Schmohl/Ralph Ostertag (Tutzing/Germany) did claim victory of this "short program".

RS 200 Gold Cup
The sailing dozen of the RS 200 class was on the sunny side of the wind lottery on Tuesday. They were sailing on the SAP Media Race Course, and they had good winds in the beginning, so they could sail two races. But the third race, that was started, had to be cancelled. Finishing in first position two times, Josh Metcalfe/Mille Alcock are leading in the all British fleet at this unofficial World Championship at the moment.

RS 500 Worlds
The crews of the bigger sister class, the RS 500, did follow on the media race course. They could also sail two races for their World Championship. But the title is not clear for the British teams here. Eight nations are at the start line - with strong sailors from the Netherlands and Sweden. And the Swedish sailors Matin and Axek Johansson did finish with two victories on day one. They are on the top rank of the fleet, followed by the team from Great Britain (Peter and James Curtis) as well as the team from the Netherlands (Pim and Lisa van Vogt).

RS 100 Europeans
The other classes did sail late into the evening on Tuesday at the Travemuender Woche. When there was hardly any hope for good wind left, the sailors stayed on the race course to benefit from the finally prevailing West wind, while the people ashore were already partying. Finally ashore, Gilles Peckham (Great Britain) did celebrate the leading position at the Europeans of the RS 100.

RS 400 Europeans
The RS 400 did also manage to sail three races at their European Championship. Even if a team from the Netherlands is sailing in the fleet, the continental competition is more a British championship with Steve Restall/Chris Stubbs in the leading position. But the distances between them and the national colleagues are small.

RS Aero Europeans
The RS Aero class did develop as a real bestseller all over Europe, and thus the top of fleet is a mixture of different nations after three races. The Aero is sailed with three different sail sizes. Archie Hainsworth (Great Britain) is leading the Aero 5 fleet (with the 5 square metre sail). The leading position in the Aero 9 is also occupied by a British sailor, Richard Watsham. In the biggest fleet of the Aero with the medium sized 7 square metre sail, the Russian Dmitry Tretyakov is leading, followed by Kristo Ounap (Estonia) and Simonas Jersovas from Lithuania.

Splash Blue Worlds
The strong position of the sailors from the Netherlands at the World Championship of the Splash Blue seems to be overwhelming, with 80 starters from 85. But nevertheless a Czech did take over the lead. Michal Kostyoe is upsetting the pursuers Willem Mulders and Aaron Dok with positions 2 and 1 after the two races, that were sailed on Tuesday.

Splash Red Euro Cup
In the Splash Red, a Swiss and a Czech are in front of the first Dutch sailor. Three races were sailed, and Matthias Meier has already increased his lead to Jan Pokorny and Julia Aartsen already by quite a few points.

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