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Billerbeck wins in idle mode

07/25/2016 19:28:00

The contender podium.

And every hour calm air: The third day of the Travemuender Woche was a continuous series of the same patterns for race director and sailors, starting with the meeting in the morning at 8:30am until the afternoon at 3pm.  The regatta responsibles around overall race director Brian Schweder did meet every or every second hour just to realise there would be no sailable wind in sight.

The wind gauge buoy did deliver disappointing data with wind speeds of less than a knot at times: no chances to start the regattas. And with time passing by, another possible scenario was threatening: A storm with thunderstorms and strong gusts was approaching from the South West.  So the red-white signal for race postponement was visible at the signal mast, before all races were postponed until Tuesday. Thus one class said goodbye already to the Travemuender Woche 2016 without any further activity: The Monday was the last day of the Contenders and the winner was set based on the results of Sunday: Max Billerbeck (Kollmar/Germany).

"I take it as it is", said Billerbeck. "This is my first time winning the Travemuender Woche", said the Vice European Champion from 2014, who was able to leave the former World Champion Jan von der Bank (Eutin/Germany) behind him on rank two. Script writer von der Bank had last sailed a Contender regatta at last year's Travemuender Woche and has been focussing on other activities. He had travelled to Sydney with his family for half a year, where he did write a few screenplays. "I came back two weeks ago and did move the Contender out of the shed", explained the 49-year old. The Travemuender Woche was on his personal schedule to get used to it again. The rest of the schedule is filled with some more highlights this year, the European Championship and the German Championship.

But despite the Monday with calm air, the Travemuender Woche once again proved to be a very good event: "Saturday was good, Sunday was wonderful. The Travemuender Woche is always a great event for our class, even if there were some restrictions this year due to the construction site at the Priwall." Markus Maisenbacher (Verden/Germany) did take the third place on the podium, next to the winner Max Billerbeck and the second-ranked Jan von der Bank.

Contender final results (after six races)
1.Max Billerbeck (Kollmar/Germany) 10, 2.  Jan von der Bank (Eutin/Germany) 15, 3. Markus Maisenbacher (Verden/Germany) 15, 4. Jesper Nielsen (Denmark) 17, 5. Dirk Mueller (Bremen/Germany) 22, 6. David Schafft (Dannau/Germany) 22

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