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Selected wines and live concerts

07/18/2016 14:05:00

Selected wines in the Wine Carée and an Italian Piazza in a enlarged rondel - and a Gipsy Village with a mixture of Roma and Sinti food, music and adventure are waiting for the visitor to explore, when wandering along the beach. On top come a shopping mall and comfortable benches at the water fountains. Here the men can relax and the women can enjoy themselves while bargain hunting. Resting for a little while together, they can enjoy watching the artists and listen to the Sinti music, which is presented on the Gipsy Village stage. The program changes daily - with Wolkly Rosenberg Trio, the Swing Gipsy Rose, Aranka Straus and Romma Stars as well as the Hot Club with famous artists and a special guest from Russia. The Gipsy Village is presenting a different world with its folcloristic and East European program.

The festival stage at the Bruegmanngarten is a must for all concert fans. You can get everything - from thoughtful songs at the Sunday service at the beach (24. July, 11am), hard rock (Boerney&the Tri Tips, Friday, 22. July, 7:30pm) and pop from Schleswig-Holstein (Jeden Tag Silvester, Sunday 24. July, 9:15pm) up to the best party music with Zack Zillis (Saturday, 23. July, 9pm) and United 4 (Monday, 25. July, 6:30pm and Friday, 29.July, 7pm) or fine soul from Roachford (Wednesday, 27. July, 9:15pm). In the evening program, "The Voice of Germany" finalist Marion Campbell (Saturday, 30. July, 9:30pm), the Berlin band "Staubkind" (Wednesday, 27. July, 9:15pm), the Rockhouse Brothers (Sunday, 31. July, 8:30pm) and the brothers Wingenfelder (Thursday, 28. July, 9pm), who became famous as "Fury in the Slaughterhouse", will be on the stage.

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